Welcome to La Vince Hair Salon and Spa. Vince has moved to a new location.

New Location:

On December 24th, 2014, we are closing at our current location in Saint Charles, Illinois, at 2728 E. Main St, Saint Charles, IL 60174

After Christmas, 2014, Vince will be operating out of the M.E. Salon at 2422 W Main St, St Charles, IL 60175.  (He hasn’t found a new location for the La Vince Hair Salon and Spa yet.)

Call us at 630-377-7411 (The phone number remains the same.)

Vince La--New Location

ME Salon Hours

Map to Vince La New Location-M.E. Salon










You can go to our mailing list page to sign-up for our email list.  We don’t sell our list–just use it to contact our customers.

The purpose of this website is to connect with our clients–old and new.  For clients who sign-up for our members mailing list, this website will be the place to find special offers and products from Vince.




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